NCEF European University

NCEF Technology B.V. is pleased to provide the modus operandi and ongoing planning and support for the NCEF European University Projects in Mamfe, Cameroun, Potor-Novo, Benin Republic, Accra-Ghana and in Dakar, Senegal.

NCEF Technology B.V. Netherlands, New Creation Educational Foundation (West Africa) and its international associate consultants and experts have the human resources, capacity and experience to deliver all of the required services; Visioning and strategic planning in the following areas

  • Building partnerships
  • Procurement of resources and cutting edge technologies
  • Specific sector training
  • In-Service Teacher Training Program
  • Developing a Manual of School Standards and Design
  • School Mapping & Investment Planning
  • Capacity Building in Curriculum Development
  • Branding, trademarking and franchising.
  • Provide an E-learning Technology Platform for ease of teaching, learning and administration.
  • Provide A Professional School Management Contract Agreement
  • Provide A Professional and complete course for continuous education training of Automobile Engineers and Technicians, Cocoa and Agricultural Produce Research Programmes for Farmers.
  • Develop an Entrepreneurial Development and Training Centre for Skills acquisition, thereby creating an opportunity for students to express their skills and knowledge of entrepreneurship during and after graduation.

NCEF Consultants have extensive experience developed in the UK. Middle East, Europe, and America. These projects have developed NCEF’s expertise and capacity to deliver services including national education policy development, access to education through the development of community learning centres, initiating and sustaining improvements in the quality, relevance and efficiency of a country’s education system with the introduction of various monitoring and tracking systems, needs assessment; projections and project design; retraining; developing training plans for employee upgrading, pre and in-service teacher training; upgrading/ developing educational facilities and equipment and enhancing opportunities for all.

Our vision is to build world class university programmes, committed to producing a new generation of people with sound academic background and character, innovation management and new technologies. Our mission is to create knowledge and build excellent through a carefully developed program of “Managing for Excellence” targeted at achieving excellence for learners, leading-edge teaching methods, managing people, managing projects, thinking strategically, building research and professional development resource centres, entrepreneurial style education, produce educational materials and teaching aids, managing budgets, incorporate technology and life transforming education that is relevant to science.

New Creation Educational Foundation looks forward to being the key managing partner and school managers in the exciting development of NCEF EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY, MAMFE-CAMEROUN, PORTO-NOVO, ACCRA, DAKAR AND OTHER WEST AFRICAN COUNTRIES. We propose to work with the communities involved, for successful and long lasting European style education in Africa.
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