Department of E-Learning Development and Administration

E-Solution covers E-administration, Distance Learning, E-Library, E-Testing, Lectures, Web-Conferences and Training from any Location in the World. The E-Education Software on LMS Cloud can be use by your Institution to create specific courses for current and future staff and students and design continuous education training and capacity building programs for your work-force. This type of lessons is also offered in combination with classical trainings as a platform.

With our LMS- a learning management system’s robust and scalable architecture, training is not limited to the seating capacity of your classroom. You can reach out to many learners, irrespective of the location and department. Your classroom training programs with limited reach can be substituted, wherever possible, with eLearning courses and virtual learning sessions that can be delivered to wide audiences spread across different geographies, without affecting the consistency and quality of your training. Further, with the learning management system’s secure system and robust server, facilitates uploading, storing and sharing of learning resources in the form of courses, assessments, documents and manuals that complement your blended learning program.

These online resources serve as a repository for your learners to access information just-in-time of need or as performance-support tools during a face-to-face learning session.

  1. A real-time distance learning platform–means a system for real time/life interactions for online meeting, on-line presentation, online courses, online training, interactive e-courses, video, images, conference information, evaluation tests and quizzes etc.

This allows for all lectures going on at your institution to go real-time on the Internet such that your institution can train students located in any part of the world. We will offer to your institution, your own personalized private LMS portals which can be used for administration, training/staff development, lectures, testing and certification but with webinars.

Your portal will also provide you with personalized e-library.

Lectora Publishing Tool

Lectora is an authoring software tool making rapid e-learning simple and cost effective. Making it easy and affordable to create engaging, destination-neutral anywhere, anytime content where you track the results.

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