About NCEF Technology Netherlands B.V

About us

NCEF Technology Netherlands B.V, is proud to be a quality educational and enterprise technology and life-long development organization located in unique and beautiful surroundings of Utrecht, dedicated to providing flexible and accessible programs and helping to develop and strengthen the communities to which we belong. NCEF Technology Netherlands B.V. was first established as New Creation Technology Macedonia in September 2013, and in The Netherlands, 22nd November, 2016 with the following mission, vision, values and core promise.


To provide and promote excellent and accessible educational technology programs, which develops the lives of individuals and fosters the development of the communities to which we belong. In so doing, we will embrace five guiding themes: excellence, sustainability, creativity, employability and enterprise. We will contribute to the community success and sustainability through programmes, service and applied research.

Our values

NCEF Technology BV profess a set of complementary values that are fundamental to the organization’s identity and provide the foundation for its practices. The search for excellence is the hallmark of all our endeavours. Providing satisfactory services to the public are measures of our success.

We value the fear of God. The fear of God is fundamental.
We value excellence. The search for excellence is our hallmark.
-We value learning.
-We value scholarly research.
-We value openness and flexibility.
-We value diversity and inclusiveness.
-We value our employees.
-We value accountability.

Our vision

To be a dynamic, creative and entrepreneurial Educational Technology organization, rooted in our region, with strong and sustainable national and international connections. We will grow in a sustainable and resilient way. Our work will be focused on the professions and be both business-relevant and research-informed underpinned by 21st century technology, science and media.

Our staff will be innovative, enterprising and professionally outstanding individuals, focused on enabling our users and other educational technology partners to realize their ambitions, and to drive the continuing success of the organization.

Our organization will be the first choice for leaners, employers, professional bodies, civic organizations and other partners and will engage with them creatively and effectively to meet their needs. Our communities will be shaped by the demonstrable impact of what our products will have on their intellectual, social, cultural and economic development.
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